How To Make Orange Lemon Tea

How To Make Orange Lemon Tea

How To Make Orange Lemon Tea

What about a spirit satisfying tea mix to make your early lunch intriguing! The interesting combination of tea and natural products makes for an ideal enjoyment for a sun killjoy.

You simply need a couple of fixings set up to nail this simple joy. This simple tea formula can likewise be filled in as a drink on a few events like kitty gatherings and smorgasbords and so forth.

Orange Lemon Tea

How To Make Orange Lemon Tea

Thus, on the off chance that you are anticipating a few visitors over this end of the week, treat them to this awesome creation. They would adore it without a doubt! Trust us.

This would likewise be adored by individuals who need to prepare something in only a couple of moments. Along these lines, without burning through any longer time, investigate the simple to-follow steps recorded here and get everything rolling!

Elements of Orange Lemon Tea

1 lemon
1 1/2 tablespoon Tea leaves

sugar as required
1/2 orange

5 cup water
1 twig mint

Instructions to make Orange Lemon Tea

Stage 1 Boil to water

To begin with this delectable tea please, heat 2 cups of water to the point of boiling and add tea and mint to it. Allow it to stew for around 5-10 minutes. Switch off the fire, strain the combination and let it cool.

Stage 2 Add sugar and mint

Take a glass container and blend sugar, finely slashed mint into it. Then again, cut the lemon and orange and fit it into the container.

Stage 3 Serve warm!

Ultimately, add tea and the leftover cups of water. Serve it warm. You can likewise refrigerate it if you have any desire to serve it chilled.

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