How To Make Oats Dhokla

How To Make Oats Dhokla

How To Make Oats Dhokla

Give a sound bend to your number one nibble Dhokla. Oats Dhokla is a scrumptious combination Gujarati recipe which is ready with oats, semolina, baking pop and curd. The gentle kinds of the dhoklas satisfy your food cravings in a solid manner.

Give this vegan canapé a shot events like kitty parties, pot karma, game evenings and picnics. Serve this delicacy with mint chutney as a nibble during high tea, breakfast or early lunches to your friends and family.

Oats Dhokla

How To Make Oats Dhokla

Serve chilled and shock your visitors with this sound nibble they will always remember about. All you really want to do is to stay quiet about the recipe!

Elements of Oats Dhokla

2 cup oats
1 cup water
2 tablespoon cilantro
1/2 cup semolina
1 teaspoon baking pop
2 cup yogurt (curd)
2 teaspoon ginger glue
For Tempering
1/2 teaspoon bean stew powder
4 green bean stew
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
10 leaves curry leaves
1/2 teaspoon sesame seeds
2 tablespoon vegetable oil

Step by step instructions to make Oats Dhokla

How To Make Oats Dhokla

Stage 1

Right off the bat, wash cilantro and cleave it finely. Presently, grind oats in a processor to make a powder. Move this powder into a bowl.

Stage 2

Then, add semolina and salt in a similar bowl and blend well. Then, at that point, add ginger glue, slashed cilantro and yogurt and blend every one of the fixings.

Presently, add water into the bowl and mix once more. Blend every one of the fixings well to make a fine player. Cover the bowl and save it to the side for around 30 minutes.

Stage 3

Presently, oil the dhokla plate with oil and empty the oats combination into the plate and put the plate into a liner. Sprinkle baking soft drink over the blend and steam the combination for 15 minutes.

Stage 4

To set up the treating, place a griddle over medium fire and pour oil in it. When the oil is warmed, add mustard seeds. When the seeds splutter, add sesame seeds. Mix for few moments.

How To Make Oats Dhokla

Stage 5

Presently, add green chillies and curry leaves in the dish and mix the blend briefly. Switch off the fire and add red stew powder.

Stage 6

Then, take out the dhoklas from the liner and pour the mustard seeds blend onto the dhoklas and cut the combination into square shapes. Serve!

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