How To Make Nuts Poha Recipe

How To Make Nuts Poha Recipe

How To Make Nuts Poha Recipe

Nuts Poha is an alluring North Indian nibble formula that is ready with squeezed rice, flax seeds, raisins, chipped almonds, cashews and onions.

On the off chance that you are exhausted with normal poha dishes like Aloo Poha or Pea Poha, then this formula is a must-attempt.

Nuts Poha

How To Make Nuts Poha Recipe

The exceptional option of dry natural products makes this normal poha formula extraordinary and adds five stars to it.

This formula is an ideal decision for the individuals who are looking for a lip-smacking breakfast formula as well.

This simple to make formula tastes crunchy in view of the nuts alongside the flavor of the veggies and veggies.

Serve it at your next kitty party or potluck and astound your visitors with your culinary abilities. So evaluate this formula and appreciate it with your friends and family!

Elements of Nuts Poha

4 Servings
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
2 teaspoon raisins
2 cup squeezed rice

2 teaspoon coriander leaves
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1 cup onion
2 tablespoon refined oil

2 pieces green chillies
4 teaspoon lime juice
1 teaspoon flax seeds
10 leaves curry leaves

salt as required
2 teaspoon chipped almonds
2 teaspoon cashews
1 teaspoon fennel seeds

Instructions to make Nuts Poha

Stage 1 Wash the poha

In the first place, add squeezed rice to a sifter and wash it under running water. Keep the sifter to the side. Take a hacking load up and slash coriander leaves and onions.

Stage 2 Prepare the treating

Presently in a container, heat the oil. To the hot oil, add cumin seeds, turmeric powder, onions, green chillies, fennel seeds and curry leaves. Saute until the onions turn straightforward.

Stage 3 Add the nuts

Then, blend in raisins, cashews and almond pieces. Saute for 1-2 minutes. Keep the fire low.

Stage 4 Ready to be served

Presently to the blend, add squeezed rice and saute for only a couple of moments until the squeezed rice gets all around covered with the flavors. Add lime squeeze and blend once more. Serve hot.

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