How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha

How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha

How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha

Parathas made with kuttu atta (buckwheat flour), potatoes and paneer, these Kuttu Paratha are sans gluten and are incredible for fasting/Navratri. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha

They are softly flavored and simple to make and can be appreciated for breakfast or lunch.

flatbreads put on a plate with the best one collapsed fifty.

Kuttu Ka Paratha

How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha

Growing up, the main time kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour) was referenced in my home was during Navratri (strict season in India when individuals quick for 9 days and don’t eat wheat, rice, onion, salt and so forth.). So unequivocally it was simply double a year! How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

It was one of those extraordinary fixings which showed up during Navratri and afterward vanished for rest of the year. The main thing that was made in my home with kuttu was kuttu ki puri (I should share the formula soon)!

That puri with aloo sabzi was an exemplary supper during the fasting time. I never abstained however certainly partook in all the food. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

Mother would request that we eat normal puri and allow father to have the kuttu puri yet as children we would demand having kuttu ki puri as well, it looked intriguing and we would have rather not missed outed.

Presently buckwheat flour is acquiring prominence in this area of the planet as well. The way that it is without gluten certainly has to do with the provoked curiosity in this flour in the new years.

Buckwheat flour is known as kuttu ka atta in Hindi and really in those days in India, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what it was brought in English. I just knew it as kuttu for quite a while. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

It’s without gluten, wealthy in fiber and has an extremely an exceptional natural and nutty taste. Other than making puris, presently I likewise use it in heated merchandise, in flapjacks and in making these parathas! How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

This Kuttu Paratha

is without gluten flatbread.

made with buckwheat flour, potatoes, paneer and not many flavors.

ideal for the time of Navratri.

gently flavored and ideal for breakfast.

This paratha is ideal for Navratri yet you can partake in this whenever you need. You needn’t bother with a specific season to partake in these.

These aren’t weighty on the stomach, so you can without much of a stretch have 2 to 3 of these for your lunch. Buckwheat flour has multiple times more fiber than standard flour and is likewise wealthy in protein making these a better option in contrast to normal wheat paratha. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

Moving The Parathas

Since these flour needs gluten, there must be a few restricting and furthermore couple of stunts that will guarantee that they are simpler to roll.

Potatoes for restricting: these parathas have potatoes in them which help tough situation the flour and unite the mixture. Yams will likewise work. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

Utilize heated water to ply the batter: I generally utilize boiling water to massage the mixture while utilizing without gluten flours. It ties the mixture working everything out such that a lot simpler to roll.

In this way, utilize high temp water to manipulate the mixture not extremely hot obviously but rather hot enough however be cautious that it doesn’t consume your fingers! Massage a delicate mixture yet ensure it’s anything but a wet or really delicate batter. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

Use material paper to roll the parathas: utilizing high temp water will guarantee that you can roll these decently effectively, but still utilize a material paper. It is a lot more straightforward to lift the parathas this way after they are rolled.

Assuming that you are experiencing difficulty rolling, you can likewise roll the parathas between two sheets of material paper. I just utilize one sheet and utilize the roller straightforwardly on the mixture ball to move it.

Apply delicate strain while rolling: be tenderly while moving this paratha. Assuming you apply an excess of strain, the mixture could break.

You can move it slender or thick according to your decision.

Use ghee to cook: you can either utilize ghee or oil or to cook these parathas. Nonetheless, I love utilizing ghee here. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

As a rule, I hate ghee on my parathas yet here it works out positively and furthermore this flour is dry so adding ghee makes these parathas delicate.

Serve them right away: you need to eat these parathas warm, straight out of the skillet. They are OK later as well however they are such a great deal better and milder when you serve them right away.


plate with flour, squashed potato and one more plate with flavors and salt

Buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta): these parathas are made with buckwheat flour, known as kuttu ka atta in hindi. This without gluten flour can be found all things considered supermarket nowadays or you can likewise think that it is on the web. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

Potatoes: bubbled potatoes are added in the paratha mixture as they help in restricting this without gluten flour.

Paneer: I have additionally added some newly made disintegrated paneer to the mixture for some zing. In the event that you don’t have paneer, simply add a greater amount of the bubbled potatoes.

Flavors: to keep it straightforward there are just three flavors utilized: cumin powder, coriander powder and ajwain (carom seeds). You can add more flavors to taste.

In the event that you are making these for Navratri, avoid the flavors that you don’t eat during the quick.

Cilantro and bean stew: newly hacked cilantro and green chilies adds to season. You can likewise add come cleaved ginger here.

Other than these there’s a salt and ghee to cook the parathas. You can likewise utilize oil to cook these.

How to make these veggie lover?

Avoid the paneer, you can add some more pounded potato. And afterward use oil instead of ghee for cooking. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

What to serve these parathas with?

Present with cilantro chutney or aloo ki sabzi.

How to store and once again heat?

Envelop by aluminum foil and refrigerate. To re-heat, put them on a hot skillet (on medium hotness) and afterward heat each side for 1-2 minutes.

They will be hard when you remove them from the cooler however will turn out to be delicate as you re-heat them. Serve right away. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.


To start with, heat up the potato (1 huge or 2 little) and afterward strip and squash it. You can bubble in a container or utilizing a strain cooker until it’s totally cooked (8-9 whistles on burner pressure cooker and 12-15 minutes in moment pot, contingent upon size of the potatoes).

To a bowl add kuttu ka atta, bubbled potatoes, disintegrated paneer (I utilized new paneer), hacked cilantro and green stew.

Then add coriander powder, cumin powder, salt and ajwain. Additionally, add 2 teaspoons oil and blend everything utilizing your fingers so that it’s generally very much consolidated.

Start adding high temp water (water ought to be hot yet not extremely hot that it consumes your fingers) gradually and manipulate to shape a batter. You would most likely need under 1/4 cup of water here.

Also, you don’t have to work the mixture since there’s no gluten-simply unite the batter. The batter ought to be delicate however don’t add a lot of water and make it wet. Cover with a clammy fabric and rest 10 minutes. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

Divide the mixture into 7 equivalent pieces of around 80 grams each (or pretty much relying upon how large or little you need the parathas to be). In the mean time heat a tawa or skillet on medium-high hotness. How To Make Kuttu Ka Paratha.

Take one of the mixture balls, and put it on material paper. Sprinkle some kuttu ka atta on top and afterward roll the mixture utilizing a folding pin into a circle of 6-7 inches width. Make sure to roll delicately and not have any significant bearing an excess of strain else it will break.

Assuming that you experience difficulty rolling, you can move the batter between two sheets of material paper yet with involving boiling water in the mixture and potatoes for restricting, this ought to be not difficult to roll.

Remove the paratha cautiously from the material paper and afterward move the rolled paratha to the hot skillet. Allow it to cook for 1-2 moment on this side.

Then flip over and apply ghee (around 1/2 teaspoon) on this to some degree cooked side and afterward flip once more.

Now apply ghee (again around 1/2 teaspoon) on the opposite side too. Press with a spatula and cook the paratha until the two sides have brilliant earthy colored spots on them. Try to press the edges with the goal that they get cooked also.

Rehash with the excess mixture balls and cook all the parathas also.

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