How To Make Chicken And Salsa Wrap

How To Make Chicken And Salsa Wrap

How To Make Chicken And Salsa Wrap

Chicken and Salsa wrap is a flavorful Mexican style nibble recipe produced using frozen sweet corn, salsa sauce, tortillas, lettuce and destroyed chicken. It is a simple to-make bite and ideal for office or school lunch.

It’s wealthy in protein as it has chicken in great amount. Aside from being solid, this wrap recipe is madly scrumptious in light of the salsa sauce. It adds a remarkable tart flavor to this nibble recipe. In the event that you’re a veggie darling, you can add more vegetables of your decision.

Chicken And Salsa Wrap

How To Make Chicken And Salsa Wrap

Child corn, broccoli, onions and tomatoes will add a decent mash to this recipe, whenever added. Wraps go all around well when matched for certain intriguing plunges, so match them with plunges of your decision.

In the event that you’re having this as breakfast, wash it down with chilled glass of squeezed orange. They can without much of a stretch be stuffed in a tiffin box and can likewise be carried on travels and excursion as they are non-muddled. Attempt it and relish the Mexican flavors!

Elements of Chicken and Salsa Wrap

1 cup cut red peppers
1/2 cup salsa sauce
6 tortillas

3 squeezes salt
2 modest bunch cut into strips lettuce free leaf
300 gm boiled,drained frozen sweet corn

1 cup ground cheddar shapes
2 tablespoon lime juice

1 cup boiled,drained,shelled peas
2 runs powdered dark pepper
2 1/2 cup shredded,boiled chicken boneless

Step by step instructions to make Chicken and Salsa Wrap

Stage 1

For making this simple wrap recipe, blend the peas and lime juice in an enormous bowl.

Sprinkle somewhat salt and pepper powder in the bowl. Blend and pound them well.

Stage 2

Barbecue the capsicum strips until softly darkened. Softly warm the tortillas and put them on a level surface.

Presently spread the peas combination on the tortillas. Then, top up the tortillas with lettuce, destroyed chicken, capsicum and corn.

Stage 3

Sprinkle cheddar on top and shower with some salsa sauce. In the event that you’re a cheddar sweetheart, you can add more cheddar according to your inclination.

Roll the wraps firmly. Serve them immediately with some intriguing plunge or cover with a stick film and keep them in the refrigerator until required.

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