How To Make Broccoli Paratha Recipe

How To Make Broccoli Paratha Recipe

How To Make Broccoli Paratha Recipe

Indian families are known for their paratha abilities. The various sorts of parathas accessible here are overpowering and every one of them being very nutritious. One such yummy paratha is ‘Broccoli Paratha’. How To Make Broccoli Paratha Recipe.

Broccoli Paratha Recipe

How To Make Broccoli Paratha Recipe

Made with the integrity of broccoli, wheat flour, onion, regular flour and a melange of flavors, this paratha is an able breakfast recipe. How To Make Broccoli Paratha Recipe.

This low fat recipe is a treat for all the weight watchers and their taste buds. Match this flavorful paratha recipe with your #1 hot curry in lunch or supper. Serve your preferred paratha with pickle and chilled raita to savor the enticing kinds of this delicacy. How To Make Broccoli Paratha Recipe.

Elements of Broccoli Paratha

4 Servings
1 broccoli
1 squeeze garam masala powder
4 tablespoon refined oil
4 green stew
1 squeeze turmeric
3 cup wheat flour
1 onion
2 tablespoon regular flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
water as required

The most effective method to make Broccoli Paratha

Stage 1 Boil the broccoli pieces

Wash the broccoli under running water and hack the florets.

Keep them to the side until required further.

Take a skillet, keep it on medium fire and pour water in it.

Carry the water to bubble and add slashed broccoli florets alongside salt in the skillet.

Stage 2 Prepare the broccoli combination

In the mean time, strip the onion and hack it.

In a blender container/processor take the bubbled broccoli, green chillies, turmeric, garlic cloves and garam masala powder and crush into glue.

Stage 3 Knead a mixture

In a profound bowl add wheat flour, regular baking flour, salt, slashed onions and the pre-arranged broccoli-stew glue.

To this bowl include water and work the blend into a batter.

Stage 4 Roll out the parathas

When the batter is ready, take a little piece of the mixture and shape it like a ball.

Press this ball and with the assistance of a moving pin, make a huge circle (molded like that of a paratha).

Stage 5 Cook parathas from the two sides

Presently take a skillet and brush it with refined oil.

Put the pre-arranged circle on the skillet and cook till the two sides become greenish-brown in variety.

Stage 6 Serve hot

When done serve hot with pickle and curd.

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