How To Make Apple Banana Salad Recipe

How To Make Apple Banana Salad Recipe

How To Make Apple Banana Salad Recipe

Apple Banana Salad is an ideal mainland recipe made with apples, bananas, mayonnaise, sugar, celery and milk. This simple to-make, vegan salad is ideally suited for Sunday informal breakfasts. This delicacy can be utilized as a better choice at buffets, kitty parties, potluck.

You can serve this lip-smacking vegan recipe on events like potluck, kitty party and smorgasbord. The mixes of apple, banana and celery alongside mayonnaise makes this salad recipe significantly more one of a kind.

Apple Banana Salad

How To Make Apple Banana Salad Recipe

The kinds of this sound serving of mixed greens will be a treat for your taste buds. Group up this plate of mixed greens with a glass of squeezed orange to your friends and family during summers to beat the intensity!

Elements of Apple Banana Salad

2 medium apple
5 tablespoon mayonnaise
5 teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoon milk
2 banana
2 medium celery
2 pieces lettuce leaf
For Garnishing
10 gm pecans

The most effective method to make Apple Banana Salad

Stage 1 Chop the natural products in isolated bowls

First and foremost, wash the apples and bananas under running water and keep them to the side. Presently take a slashing board and dice the apples appropriately.

Keep the diced apples in a different bowl. Presently cut the bananas in equal parts longwise and cut them equitably. Keep the bananas in a different bowl. Cut the celery meagerly.

Stage 2 Make salad dressing

Presently, take an enormous bowl and pour mayonnaise, sugar and milk.

Combine them well as one until the consistency is smooth. Presently in a different bowl, put apples, bananas and celery and combine them as one.

Stage 3 Toss the natural products in mayonnaise dressing and appreciate

Pour the smooth dressing over the apple blend and coat them well. Presently put lettuce leaves on a plate and serve the plate of mixed greens cold. Decorate it with pecan to add more taste.

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