How To Make A Rajgira Poori

How To Make A Rajgira Poori

How To Make A Rajgira Poori

Amaranth flour is one of the fixings that is utilized during the Navratri fasting days. Aside from making pooris, it is likewise used to make rotis, Rajgira paratha, Rajgira kheer, pakoras and, surprisingly, as a limiting and thickening specialist. How To Make A Rajgira Poori.

For individuals who keep Navratri fasting or vrat, I have previously shared the aggregated List of elements for Navratri fasting. How To Make A Rajgira Poori.

Rajgira Poori

How To Make A Rajgira Poori

Rajgira ki pooris are easy to make. since there is no gluten in amaranth flour, bubbled pureed potatoes are utilized as a limiting specialist. care should be taken while adding water. How To Make A Rajgira Poori.

As though you add all the water immediately, the mixture will turn out to be extremely tacky and pale. So try not to add all the water without a moment’s delay. Add half or each teaspoon in turn and make the batter.

How To Make A Rajgira Poori

These amaranth pooris assimilate a seriously decent measure of oil not at all like ordinary entire wheat pooris. so while getting ready, to decrease the oil ingestion, sear the pooris in hot oil. Make pooris of medium estimated thickness – meaning neither flimsy nor thick.

Thickly rolled pooris, simply sink from one side and get some margin to cook. Daintily rolled pooris break and oil saturates them. In the event that you can’t deal with the pooris, then, at that point, simply make roti or paratha with them.

How To Make A Rajgira Poori

Serve these rajgira ki pooris with Vrat rib aloo, dahi arbi, Kaddu ki sabzi, Vrat ki kadhi or dahi aloo.


100 percent seal. High oil opposition. 150°C help temperature.

2 cups rajgire ka atta or amaranth flour.

1 enormous potato.

rock salt (consumable and food grade) (sendha namak) as required.

water as required.

some rajgira atta or amaranth flour for cleaning

Cook Mode

Keep your screen from going dim while making the formula


Heat up the potato. Allow it to cool totally. Strip and pound it in a bowl.

Add rajgira atta and salt. First blend the entire combination well.

Then add almost no water, pretty much 1/2 to 1 tsp and start to work the batter.

Again add 1/2 to 1 tsp water and manipulate with the goal that there is no dryness in the mixture.

The mixture ought not be tacky. In the event that the batter feel tacky add some amaranth flour and again massage.

Keep to the side covered for 15 minutes.

On a cleaned work surface, make medium estimated pooris, neither slender nor thick and broil them in hot oil.

Channel them on paper napkins to eliminate abundance oil.

Serve rajgire ke poori hot with any vegetable curry/sabzi or paneer curry.

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