How To Make A Mixed drink Prawns

How To Make A Mixed drink Prawns

How To Make A Mixed drink Prawns

A heavenly fish dish, Prawn Cocktail is an ideal party dish. A fascinating reality about this prawn recipe is that its served in glass which seems to be an alluring plate of mixed greens in a glass. This simple non-vegan recipe is a treat to the eyes and is incredibly yummy as well. How To Make A Mixed drink Prawns.

Mixed drink Prawns

How To Make A Mixed drink Prawns

Elements of Prawn Cocktail

110 gm shelled,washed and dried prawns
2 squeezes salt
1 lime
1 squeeze ground dark pepper
For The Main Dish
2 cherry tomatoes
50 ml mayonnaise
5 ml tabasco sauce
100 gm washed and dried,shredded lettuce free leaf
20 ml ketchup

Step by step instructions to make Prawn Cocktail

Stage 1 Wash the prawns and poach them

In any case wash the prawns. Poach prawns with shell and later de-shell them before you serve.

Stage 2 Prepare the sauce

Plan Marie rose sauce by blending mayonnaise, ketchup, Tabasco sauce and salt together. Then, at that point, keep it to the side.

Stage 3 Prepare the serving glasses

Take the serving glasses, place the ice shelf lettuce, cut into shreds and blend it in with a little Marie rose sauce.

Stage 4 Indulge in the decency

Put the poached prawns on top of it and pour some Marie rose sauce to cover them. Serve the manner in which you like!

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