How To Make A Aloo Makhana

How To Make A Aloo Makhana

How To Make A Aloo Makhana

Aloo makhana formula with bit by bit photographs. This is a simple tidbit made with potatoes and foxnuts. Gluten-Free and Vegetable.

Aloo Makhana

How To Make A Aloo Makhana

Fixings like potatoes and makhana are consumed during fasting. I generally have a load of makhana at home. Once in a while I broil them and keep them put away in a container. Here and there I make kheer with them.

Makhanas are sound and remembering them for our diet great. Whenever intrigued, you can check these makhana plans previously posted on the blog – Makhana kheer, Makhana raita and Khoya matar makhana.

How To Make A Aloo Makhana

This aloo makhana formula is extremely simple. All you want are a few bubbled potatoes and the standard flavors we use during Navratri fasting. This is a light bite that can be had during Navratri.

The most effective method to make Aloo makhana

How To Make A Aloo Makhana

Flush and afterward cook 4 potatoes with water pretty much, covering every one of the potatoes, in a strain cooker. Pressure cook for 3 whistles. At the point when they become warm or chill off, strip and hack them.

Heat a container and add 1.5 cups phool makhana.

On a low fire, mix and meal the makhane till they become crunchy. Around 4 to 5 minutes on a low fire.

Eliminate the broiled makhana and keep to the side.

Heat ½ tbsp nut oil or ghee in a skillet. Add slashed green chillies and mix.

Add the slashed potatoes.

Then add 1 tsp anardana powder or squashed anardana, 1 tsp cumin powder and rock salt as required. You can likewise add dry mango powder, rather than anardana powder.

Blend the flavors in with the other potatoes. on a low to medium fire, saute the potatoes till they begin to turn out to be light brilliant or brilliant.

Switch off the fire. Add the simmered makhana. try not to saute the makhana as then they become chewy. Simply give a speedy mix.

Add 1 tbsp hacked mint leaves or coriander leaves.

Give a speedy mix and Serve aloo makhana right away.

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