Heated Omelet Recipe

Heated Omelet Recipe

Heated Omelet Recipe. Omelet is one of the most nutritious breakfast recipes that can be handily made at home. Prepared Omelet is a better variant of the conventional sautéed omelet. This Continental recipe incorporates fixings like calcium-rich red tomatoes, energy-giving rice and new crunchy onions, all prepared and cushioned like an eating regimen pizza. This recipe is enthusiastically suggested for diabetic patients and for the people who are endeavoring to get more fit.

Heated Omelet Recipe

Prepared Omelet is light to such an extent that it can likewise be delighted in as a noontime nibble or at whatever point you feel that your corrupt chocolate desires are winning despite your desire to the contrary power. It is likewise the best nibble recipe on the off chance that you need more opportunity to make breakfast for yourself. All in all, what are you pondering? Let it all out and appreciate hot! (Recipe: Priya Jain, Nutritionist, Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai)

Elements of Baked Omelet

2 Servings
4 egg whites
20 gm rice
20 gm slashed red ringer pepper
4 teaspoon milk
dark pepper as required
20 gm slashed onion

20 gm slashed capsicum (green pepper)
20 gm slashed tomato
salt as required
1 teaspoon margarine
For Garnishing
1/2 cup coriander leaves

Heated Omelet Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Baked Omelet

Stage 1 Soak and cook rice
To set up this scrumptious omelet, wash and splash rice for around 15 minutes. Then, put a profound container with clean water on medium fire with absorbed rice it. Heat up the rice until done. Once done, channel the additional water and keep the rice to the side. Presently, take a baking dish and oil it with a small measure of margarine and saved.

Stage 2 Mix veggies with egg white and layer the baking dish
Presently, make a layer of cooked rice on the lubed baking dish. In a different bowl, add egg whites, milk, salt, dark pepper, and cleaved veggies (capsicum, tomato, red ringer pepper and onion) in it. Whisk well involving a hair for around 3-5 minutes and pour this combination over the rice layer in the baking dish.

Stage 3 Bake and serve hot
Place the baking dish in a stove and heat the omelet for around 15 minutes at 300 degree Celsius. Decorate with coriander leaves and serve hot!

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