Happy holidays Rice Recipe

Happy holidays Rice Recipe

Happy holidays Rice Recipe. Happy holidays Rice is not difficult to-make American recipe. In the event that you exhausted with the standard steamed or seared rice, you ought to attempt this new sort of rice. Trust us, you will love it.

Happy holidays Rice Recipe

It very well may be effectively ready at home utilizing least fixings like rice, celery and chime peppers. It is a very heavenly recipe which can be ready in only 20 minutes. Rather than the vegetable stock in this dish, you can likewise utilize chicken stock and examination with it. This rice is an ideal dish for events like Christmas.

Christmas generally call for something remarkable and this Merry Christmas rice is the incredible dish for your supper menu. It very well may be your own Christmas custom. It can likewise be served at kitty gatherings, commemorations and potlucks. Attempt this recipe with your number one sauce dish or soup. Along these lines, stand by no more and attempt this recipe now and appreciate it with your friends and family.

Elements of Merry Christmas Rice

2 Servings
1 cup rice
2 squeezes salt
1 cup veg stock
50 gm hacked yellow chime pepper

2 teaspoon spread
1 scramble dark pepper
1 stem hacked celery

For The Main Dish
1/4 cup finely hacked onion
1/4 cup hacked red peppers
1/4 cup hacked capsicum ( green pepper)

Happy holidays Rice Recipe

The most effective method to make Merry Christmas Rice

Stage 1
To set up this simple recipe, heat margarine in a non-stick dish over medium fire and let it soften. At the point when spread softens, add the hacked onions, ringer peppers and celery. Saute them briefly.

Stage 2
In a different dish, heat up the vegetable stock.

Stage 3
Once done, add the rice, sauteed onions, salt and pepper powder according to your tatse to the vegetable stock.

Stage 4
Cover and stew the rice and stock over low fire for around 8 to 10 minutes or until the rice is cooked.

Stage 5
Mix well and move to a serving bowl. Serve hot.

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