Gum Potato Fries Recipe

Gum Potato Fries Recipe

Gum Potato Fries Recipe. Messy Potato Fries is a heavenly tidbit that you can serve to your visitors in a social affair or a kitty party.

Cheese Potato Fries

Gum Potato Fries Recipe

Messy Potato Fries are very delightful and mouth-watering.

Attempt this simple recipe for your friends and family!

How to make Cheesy Potato Fries

Stage 1

Cut the potato into thick cuts and put it in plain water. Wash the potato cuts 3-4 times and use kitchen towel to dry it.

Stage 2

Turn on the fire, heat oil in a container (drop a little piece of potato to really take a look at the temperature of the oil).

Stage 3

When the potato begins drifting, take it out and keep the fire on medium.

Stage 4

Put 8-10 potato cuts all at once in the hot oil and continue to flip.

Stage 5

Sear it on medium fire briefly and afterward take it out on the kitchen towel to extricate additional oil from it.

Rehash the interaction to broil remaining potato cuts.

Stage 6

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Let the seared potato cuts cool down totally. It takes approx 15-20 minutes.

Stage 7

Following 20 minutes, heat the oil again to re-fry it.

Put the seared potato cuts again in the hot oil, continue to flip.

Stage 8

Sear it for around 30 seconds on medium or medium high fire.

Stage 9

When the potato becomes brilliant, take it out on the kitchen towel.

Rehash the interaction to broil staying seared potato cuts.

Stage 10

Sprinkle salt and dark pepper, blend it well. Put it in a serving plate and mesh cheddar on top.

Stage 11

Messy potato fries is prepared to serve, serve it hot with ketchup.

Gum Potato Fries Recipe

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