Frankfurters and Eggs Recipe

Frankfurters and Eggs Recipe

Frankfurters and Eggs Recipe. What can be preferable over plate of hot and fresh hotdogs presented with tasty fried eggs for breakfast! Loaded with the decency of nourishment, this is something ideal plan when you are behind schedule for work. Food prepared in a jiffy for the most part tastes great. Not exclusively is this morning meal sound and yet can be ready in only a couple of moments that too with only couple of fixings set up.

Frankfurters and Eggs Recipe

It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that this recipe is ideal for an incredible breakfast. You can cook it for visitors, you can likewise cook it on a lethargic Sundays or on occupied work days. All you really want is a few eggs and frankfurters and you are all set. To start, follow this bit by bit recipe underneath!

Elements of Sausages and Eggs

4 Servings
6 sheep hotdogs
2 tablespoon refined oil
salt as required
3 leaves coriander leaves
6 egg
1/4 cup cheddar
dark pepper as required

Frankfurters and Eggs Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Sausages and Eggs

scrambling egg
Stage 1 Scramble the eggs
Take a skillet and add an oil to it. Allow this oil to intensity and include the eggs. Then include some ground cheddar, blend well and season the messy eggs with salt and pepper. Then, at that point, take them out on a plate.

Hotdogs and Eggs
Stage 2 Toss the frankfurters and serve
To similar skillet, add the hotdogs throw them in oil for 4-5 minutes or until they brown. Then switch off the fire and move the hotdogs to the plate. In conclusion, decorate with coriander leaves and serve hot!

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