Laccha Pancakes Recipe

Laccha Pancakes Recipe

Laccha Pancakes Recipe. Potato Laccha Pancakes are incredibly simple to-make and flavorful.

Laccha Pancakes Recipe

Laccha potato

Otherwise called Potato Chilla, this dish is loaded with supplements and can fill your stomach for a long length.

How to make Potato Laccha Pancakes

Stage 1

Wash, strip and mesh potatoes. Add every one of the fixings with the exception of oil and vegetables.

Stage 2

Blend it until all around joined. Try not to add water as potato will deliver some water in the wake of adding salt.

Laccha Paratha Food Photography Styling - Scratching Canvas

Stage 3

Heat a non-stick container on a high fire. At the point when it becomes hot, decrease the fire to medium.

Pour a spoonful player and spread uniformly in a round movement.

Shower little oil around the edges.

Stage 4

Spread the vegetable blend on top and pour some oil on it. Marginally press the vegetables with the spatula.

Stage 5

Following 2 minutes flip it over, sprinkle a few oil and cook from another side. Cook on medium fire till it becomes brown and fresh.

Laccha Pancakes Recipe

Stage 6

Rehash a similar interaction with the leftover player. Serve hot with green chutney or ketchup.

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