Festival Ada Pradhaman Recipe

Festival Ada Pradhaman Recipe

Festival Ada Pradhaman Recipe. Need to partake in an exemplary pastry from Kerala?

Attempt this simple Ada Pradhaman recipe with bit by bit directions!

Festival Ada Pradhaman Recipe

Ada Pradhaman

This Ada Pradhaman recipe is a must-go after the people who love to attempt conventional Indian pastries.

Typically ready during celebrations, for example, Onam, you can partake in this simple Ada Pradhaman recipe whenever you like.

Otherwise called Adapradhaman, Palada payasam or ada payasam, this south Indian pastry recipe tastes radiant.

Prepared in only 30 minutes, this Ada Pradhaman recipe will turn into your go-to.

This conventional Indian pastry is very renowned the whole way across the country.

Made with the decency of ada rice, raw sweetener, coconut milk and powdered green cardamom, this mouth-watering payasam recipe will be a moment hit in your family.

Wonderful to be served on the favorable events, this south Indian Ada Pradhaman recipe will be an incredible choice to be served to enormous social occasions. In this way, burn through no time and we should get cooking!

How to make Ada Pradhaman

Stage 1 Steep Ada rice in bubbled water

Festival Ada Pradhaman Recipe

Ada Pradhaman the first place, put a profound lined dish on medium fire and pour sufficient water in it.

Permit the water to reach boiling point, switch the fire off and add the Ada rice in it. Leave the rice undisturbed for 30 minutes.

Once done, channel the water and wash the rice under chilly water. Ward it off until required.

Stage 2 Fry raisins, cashews, coconut bits and disintegrate sugar in water

Presently, put a non-stick skillet on medium fire and intensity ghee in it.

Include raisins followed by cashews and coconut bits.

Blend well and broil briefly. Keep them to the side.

In the interim, add water in a bowl alongside natural sweetener and leave it undisturbed until required.

Stage 3 Stir fry the doused rice

Presently, in the equivalent non-stick skillet, add the leftover ghee followed by the doused Ada rice. Cook for 5 minutes.

Stage 4 Add sugar-water, coconut milk and dry natural products

Festival Ada Pradhaman Recipe

Once done, add the sugar-water blend (See step-2) and mix well.

Stew the blend until it thickens.

Then add the coconut milk followed by broiled dry organic products (see step-2) and powdered green cardamom.

Give it a last blend. Switch the fire off and empty the Ada Pradhaman into a serving bowl. Serve new and hot!

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