Egg Paratha Recipe

Egg Paratha Recipe

Egg Paratha Recipe, Anda Paratha, otherwise called Egg Paratha is one exemplary combination formula that you would find in the city.

On the off chance that you’re exhausted of having Aloo or Paneer Paratha, this protein-rich Anda Paratha will be a lifeline for you.

Egg Paratha Recipe

The paratha is half cooked at first and afterward further gets cooked when you put it on the omelet.

Ensure the omelet stalls well out on the paratha. Anda Paratha must be firm from an external perspective and delicate from within.

Do attempt this combination formula and serve it to your loved ones, they are without a doubt going to appreciate it.

How to make Anda Paratha

Stage 1 Knead the mixture

Massage wheat flour with the assistance of warm water and oil into a mixture.

Save it to the side for 20 mins.

Stage 2 Beat the eggs

In a bowl, add eggs, cleaved veggies, salt, pepper, red bean stew powder, and turmeric.

Whisk the combination appropriately.

Stage 3 Cook the paratha

Remove mixture balls, utilizing a moving pin level them like a roti.

Then, heat ghee on a skillet, and afterward add paratha.

Half cook the paratha from both the side and afterward move it to a plate. Open the top layer of the paratha and safeguard the sides.

Egg Paratha Recipe

Stage 4 Put paratha on the omlette

Presently, empty the egg combination into the skillet.

When the egg gets half cooked, put the paratha on top of it. Press it delicately so the omelet adheres to the paratha.

Cook it from one more side also. Check assuming the omelet has been cooked appropriately and the paratha has earthy colored spots.

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