Dessert Malido Recipe

Dessert Malido Recipe

Dessert Malido Recipe. Malido is an untouched most loved sweet dish and a customary pastry arranged by the Bohra people group.

During the underlying long periods of infant, moms are given this dish cooked with exceptional consideration, on account of dietary benefit demonstrates useful for both – mother and her youngster.

Dessert Malido

Dessert Malido Recipe

Aside from this it is affectionately cooked during the storm with unadulterated ghee and dry organic products combined with “Qeemah na Kebaab”.

At the point when it rains relentlessly and the environment becomes cool, then every one yearns to eat this dish.

An absolute necessity give Gujarati formula a shot extraordinary events and celebrations, malido is really scrumptious and will be adored by all!

How to make Malido

Stage 1

To set up this yummy dish, cut the almonds and cashews into cuts in a bowl and afterward finely cut the jaggery too.

Stage 2

In a plate, take semolina and add ghee to it. Blend well and manipulate it into a delicate mixture.

At the point when the batter is ready, make little balls out of it and keep to the side.

Stage 3

Put a kadhai on medium fire and hotness oil in it. Cautiously move these semolina balls in the oil and profound fry until light brown in shading.

Stage 4

At the point when done, let them cool at room temperature. Then, at that point, crush them into fine powder utilizing a processor container.

Thereafter, add every one of the cut dry organic products to the powder.

Stage 5

Presently, heat unadulterated ghee in a skillet and meal the little bits of gum precious stones in it. When done, keep them to the side and pulverize it finely in a pestle and mortar.

Add this gum powder to the semolina blend.

Stage 6

Presently, in a similar container, dissolve the excess unadulterated ghee and put jaggery pieces in it. As the jaggery dissolves, add the semolina blend and blend well.

Then, at that point, add milk to mellow the blend and blend well till every one of the fixings get blended appropriately.

Dessert Malido Recipe

Stage 7

Cook the blend on low fire for around 5 minutes and switch off the fire. Malido is prepared to serve!

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