Daal Gravy Recipe

Daal Gravy Recipe

Daal Gravy Recipe . Daal Dhokli is a provincial cooking of India, which is for the most part famous in Rajasthan , Gujrat and a few pieces of Bihar, UP and Maharashtra.

Daal dhokli is a lentil based food, which can be made in Arhar daal, green Moong daal or in blend daal (most famous in arhar daal).

Daal Gravy

Daal Gravy Recipe

Fundamentally Daal dhokli is a mix of lentil and wheat flour.

In this formula we make blossom shape pockets of wheat flour mixture and cook them in the semi fluid bubbled arhar daal.

How to make Daal Dhokli

Stage 1 Soak dal for 10 minutes and tension cook

For Dal, wash tur daal/pigeon pea/arhar daal and splash it for 10 minutes.

Presently, take a tension cooker, add daal, turmeric/Haldi powder, and salt.

Then, add an adequate amount of water for bubbling. Cook Daal for 3 whistles

Stage 2 Make the Dhokli arrangements

While the daal is bubbling, make the roti batter of wheat flour by adding water, salt, turmeric powder and oil.

Stage 3 Make chapati of medium thickness

Take a little piece of batter, for making a chapati of medium thickness Daal GravyTake a little piece of batter, for making a chapati of medium thickness

Stage 4 Cut square pieces from this chapati

Utilizing a blade, cut squares from this chapati. (I made the square of 2 in x 2 in)

Stage 5 Make blossom shape dhokli

Make a blossom shape dhokli from each square by joining cross corners of the square piece (See picture for reference).

Stage 6 Repet to make moore dhoklis

Rehash this strategy with every one of the square bits of the total batter.

The dhoklis are prepared.

Stage 7 Mash dal when cooked

Open the strain cooker and check if the daal is cooked totally.

Pound the daal totally with the assistance of a churner to give even surface.

Stage 8 Add water to make the right consistency of daal

Presently add water to make it semi-fluid (around 500 – 600 ml), you might add it as indicated by your necessary consistency.

Stage 9 Add the flavors and bubble, then, at that point, add dhoklis

Presently add garam masala, ginger and green bean stew and bubble.

Whenever it begins bubbling, cautiously add the arranged dhoklis individually.

Daal Gravy Recipe

Stage 10 Keep mixing

Continue to mix at various spans when you are adding the dhoklis in the daal.

This forestalls the dhoklis to stay with each other. Heat up the daal dhokli until the dhoklis get cooked.

Stage 11 Check if the dhoklis are cooked

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