Colorful Idli Recipe

Colorful Idli Recipe

Colorful Idli Recipe. In the present furious way of life, are you desiring something light and delectable to eat, then this heavenly South Indian formula is for you.

Tricolor Idli formula is made while remembering the impending event of Republic day when you can celebrate while setting up this light and sound breakfast formula.


Colorful Idli Recipe

Made with idli rice, urad dal, carrot and spinach, this formula deals with all the sustenance you expect while adding the tones to it.

This formula is particularly helpful to get ready for your children when they expect to convey tricolor food to schools.

The most outstanding aspect of this morning meal formula is that it utilizes no fake tones.

Serve hot tricolor idlis with coconut chutney and sambhar for a delightful and satisfying breakfast.

You can likewise set up this dish on Independence day, Republic day or any day you feel to give a beautiful curve to your basic breakfast.

Appreciate it with your loved ones, simply follow the fast and simple tasks to make this formula. (Formula by: Executive Chef, Ajay Kumar, Jaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar)

How to make Tricolor Idli

Stage 1 Prepare rice and dal player and leave for aging

Douse rice and dal for 02 hours and afterward grind in stone processor until smooth.

Eliminate from the processor add salt and blend well.

Save for aging for 12 hours in room temperature. Get ready carrot and spinach puree independently.

Stage 2 Prepare tricolor player by utilizing carrot and spinach puree independently
Partition the player into three sections.

Blend carrot and spinach puree in two sections independently to make red and green tone idli.

Place red shading hitter in a round form followed by white then, at that point, green at the last.

Stage 3 Steam the idlis and serve

Steam in broiler for 20 min or till it done.

Presented with tomato chutney, coconut chutney and green coriander chutney.

Colorful Idli Recipe

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