Chinese Chimney Soup Recipe

Chinese Chimney Soup Recipe

Chinese Chimney Soup Recipe. Chinese Chimney Soup Recipe is one of the most well known Chinese formula that is ideally suited for freezing winter evenings. This soup formula is incredibly flavorful and can be made with a couple of fixings. Since it is a simple formula, it doesn’t require a lot of exertion from your side and isn’t filling for your stomach however satisfies your spirit. Made with chicken and fish, this basic formula is very rich and can be inhabited of all age gatherings.

Chinese Chimney Soup Recipe

This non-vegan formula is a delectable pleasure for meat darlings the whole way across the globe and would leave them requesting more. Events like kitty parties, potlucks, picnics or smorgasbords are consummates to savor this lip smacking soup and can assist you with charming your visitors in a jiffy. Feel free to attempt this sound formula this end of the week!

Fixings required for making Chinese Chimney Soup Recipe

100 gm fish
10 gm corn flour
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
salt as required
100 gm chicken
1 cup water
100 gm spinach chinese

Chinese Chimney Soup Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Chinese Chimney Soup Recipe

Stage 1

In a bowl, add the boneless chicken and fish alongside corn flour, salt and oil. Blend it well to cover the fixings. Move the covered fish and chicken in a dish and spot it over medium hotness. When it warms up, add a few water in it and let it bubble. When the soup reaches boiling point, diminish the fire and let it stew. At the point when the ideal consistency is accomplished, switch off the fire.

Stage 2

To serve, take a soup bowl and add hacked spinach leaves in it. Pour the hot soup over the leaves and appreciate!

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