Colorful Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Colorful Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Colorful Chicken Fajitas Recipe. Assuming that you seriously love hot food, you will unquestionably adore the heat of Fajitas.

Colorful Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Chicken Fajitas

As Mexican food is genuinely fiery, it is probably going to engage the Indian sense of taste.

Attempt this simple formula for your precious ones!

How to make Fajitas

Stage 1

Heat the re-seared beans over medium fire and add in piri preparing (use taco preparing, if accessible) to assist with giving the beans some zest.

Stage 2

While the beans are cooking, heat the ringer peppers and corn in an enormous skillet over medium fire.

Stage 3

Add the leftover piri preparing to the ringer pepper/corn combination (or more in the event that you like the veggies hot).

Stage 4

Allow everything to stew together for around 10 minutes until the piri preparing and the water from the cooked veggies make a rich sauce.

Stage 5

Heat the corn tortillas in a microwave or on a skillet.

Stage 6

Then again, make guacamole sauce by mixing together avocado and salt together and keep to the side till required. To set up the Mexican cheddar mix, combine as one all the cheddar with jalapeno and mix it well.

Colorful Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Stage 7

Presently collect the fajitas. Spread a 2 tablespoon of dark beans on one corn tortilla, top it up with the ringer pepper and corn blend, salsa, and 1 tbsp every one of cheddar, guacamole and Greek yogurt.

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