Chocolate Cheese Tikka Croissant

Chocolate Cheese Tikka Croissant

Chocolate Cheese Tikka Croissant.What is better than the rolls manufactured from candy and flaky yeast dough in the shape of a crescent? Croissants are a traditional French delicacy which both appearance and flavor great. This recipe brings collectively the goodness of croissant and paneer tikka, fusing cultures and their great-delicious dishes.

Chocolate Cheese Tikka CroissantThis Indian twist to croissant is sure to delight absolutely everyone. It may be made very without difficulty and served at some point of kitty parties and get-together. It is a super tea-time snack too. Made with cubed paneer, yoghurt, gram flour, and a tasty blend of spices, the Cheese Tikka Croissant is really going to make your snack-time thrilling. Do provide it a try!

Chocolate Cheese Tikka Croissant
Chocolate Cheese Tikka Croissant

Chocolate Cheese Tikka Croissant

Total Time1hPrep Time20 mCalories247
Ingredients of Cheese Tikka Croissant

2 Servings
2 croissant
1 green chilli
1/four cup yoghurt (curd)
salt as required
half of teaspoon gram flour (besan)
2 teaspoon delicate oil
100 gm cubed paneer
1 inch ginger
chilli powder as required
1 inexperienced cardamom
fit to be eaten food shade as required
1 teaspoon butter

How to make Cheese Tikka Croissant
Step 1
To start with this recipe, grind collectively inexperienced chillies, green cardamoms, and ginger. Then, hang curd in a muslin cloth and take away all water.

Step 2
Now, blend collectively all of the ingredients for marination and let paneer marinate for 2-three hours. After that, fry the paneer pieces in a non-stick pan, applying a touch oil on both aspects.

Step 3
Cut the tops of the croissants and scoop them, after which, fill them with the mixture.

Step 4
Finally, location the tops over the croissants again, apply a bit butter over them, and bake in a preheated oven for 15 mins at slight temperature.

Step 5
Take out of the oven while achieved and serve warm.

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