Chocolate Almond Cake Recipe

Chocolate Almond Cake Recipe

Chocolate Almond Cake Recipe. An incredibly delicious cake recipe, Almond Cake is easy-to-prepare.

Made with blanched almonds, you can cook this sumptuous recipe for special occasions and get-togethers.

Chocolate Almond Cake Recipe

Kids will also enjoy this simple cake recipe. Try it!

Stage 1

Place whitened almonds in a food processor and cycle until finely ground.

Stage 2

Add sugar and flour to the ground almonds, coco powder process until mixed.


Add rose water and egg whites in the combination and interaction until all around mixed (the blend will be extremely thick).

Stage 4

Oil the baking tin with vegetable oil and spread the combination (you can likewise utilize cooking shower, if accessible).

Stage 5

Prepare at 325 degree Celsius for around 28 minutes or until fresh outwardly and delicate within.

Stage 6

Chocolate Almond Cake Recipe

Whenever its chilled off, serve.

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