Chicken Corn Toast Recipe

Chicken Corn Toast Recipe

Chicken Corn Toast Recipe. Attempt this lip smacking open sandwiches made with prepared earthy colored breads finished off with a flavorful garnish containing tomato, onion, chicken and carrot further joined with sweet corn bits.

Corn and Carrot Toast could be savored by grown-ups and kids the same. One can gorge on this astounding nibble whenever.

Corn Toast

Chicken Corn Toast Recipe

Go ahead and attempt any plunge of your decision to go with it.

Feel free to treat your loved ones with this astounding nibble on numerous cheerful events.

You might pack them for lunch and travels.

You can attempt this formula for your friends and family on potlucks and gatherings, and they will cherish it without a doubt! Endeavor this astounding dish and appreciate. Blissful Cooking!

How to make Chicken Corn and Carrot Toast

Stage 1

Right off the bat, take out the frozen corn parts and hold them under running water and hang tight for them to thaw out. Bubble them.

Additionally, bubble 1/2 cup finely slashed chicken bosom and keep to the side.

Stage 2

In the mean time, put an and skillet on medium fire and oil it with margarine. When hot, add cleaved garlic, green chilies, onion, chicken and dark pepper to saute them.

Stage 3

Then, add bubbled sweet corn pieces, slashed tomatoes in the skillet.

Additionally, add salt as indicated by your taste.

Continue to mix it for around 2-3 minutes. Add bubbled and slashed carrot, mix again and switch off the fire.

Stage 4

Pre-heat the stove. In the interim, take the earthy colored bread and put some margarine on each side separately.

Prepare the bread in a pre-warmed stove at 200 degree Celsius for not over 2 minutes.

Chicken Corn Toast Recipe

Stage 5

Once done, assume them out and position the pre-arranged fixing over them in equivalent extents.

Decorate them with the hacked green spring onions. Serve hot and appreciate.

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