Butter Biscuit Cream Recipe

Butter Biscuit Cream Recipe

Butter Biscuit Cream Recipe. Treat Butter has turned into a famous formula in the US.

As the name recommends, it is made with treats and mixed with margarine and different fixings to make a kind of spread.


Butter Biscuit Cream Recipe

It is tasty, wealthy in flavors and is of different kinds.

This formula involves chocolate treats as the base, to make an astounding chocolate treats margarine.

You can change the chocolate treats to a treat.

Serve this rather than typical chocolate spread, use it in frozen yogurts or in shakes.

Make certain to make this in containers since this will be an enormous hit among your loved ones.

How to make Cookie Butter

Stage 1

First and foremost, liquefy the spread in a container. Keep the liquefied spread to the side.

Then in a food processor, mix the squashed treats, consolidated milk and margarine until smooth.

Add a couple of drops of water to accomplish the ideal consistency whenever required.

Butter Biscuit Cream Recipe

Stage 2

Store the treat margarine in impenetrable compartments and refrigerate it.

It will remain new for over about fourteen days.

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