Thai Shrimp Rice Recipe

Thai Shrimp Rice Recipe

Thai Shrimp Rice Recipe. Thai Shrimp Rice is a conventional seared rice formula from the Thai food and is incredibly flavorful. Veena Arora, Chef De Cuisine, The Spice Route, The Imperial Hotel shares a simple to-get ready rice formula that is number one among her visitors and family. You can partake in this simple formula in smorgasbords and lunch with your friends and family.

Thai Shrimp Rice Recipe

Fixings required for making Thai Shrimp Rice Recipe

400 gm washed and dried rice
60 gm squashed to paste,soaked red bean stew
30 ml fish sauce
4 egg
30 gm garlic
50 gm lemon juice
100 gm cut cucumber
2 squeezes salt
For The Main Dish
50 gm finely chopped,peeled,crushed to glue shrimps
70 gm cut chicken
70 gm finely chopped,peeled prawns

Thai Shrimp Rice Recipe

Instructions to make Thai Shrimp Rice Recipe

Stage 1
Begin getting ready for this dish by cooking the washed rice first.

Stage 2
Strip the prawns and cut it into little pieces, keep it to the side. In an another bowl, mix the shrimps with a little water and make a glue of it. Keep it to the side till required. (You can likewise utilize instant shrimp glue, if accessible.)

Stage 3
On medium fire, empty oil into the wok and add garlic, stew glue (red bean stew absorbed water for 5 minutes and afterward squashed to glue, you can likewise utilize instant red stew glue). Pan sear the garlic till it turns out to be light brown in shading.

Stage 4
Presently add chicken cuts and finely cleaved prawns, mix till cooked.

Stage 5
Then add shrimp glue, fish sauce and lemon juice to the wok. Combine them as one and add rice to it.

Stage 6
Cook them for a couple of moments and move to a bowl.

Stage 7
Presently beat eggs along with somewhat salt and make an omelet with it.

Stage 8
Decorate with omelet pieces and cucumber cuts.

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