Brilliant Potato Banana Fingers Recipe

Brilliant Potato Banana Fingers Recipe

Brilliant Potato Banana Fingers Recipe. Brilliant Potato Banana Fingers is a delightful tidbit which you would have zero desire to miss. As the name proposes, pureed potatoes and squashed bananas are the critical elements of this formula. This formula which started in the North Indian Cuisine will engage individuals of all age gatherings.

Brilliant Potato Banana Fingers Recipe

This simple to-create formula can be served on a few events, for example, kitty parties, pot-karmas and so forth. Also, this bite is a nutritious one as it is a gluten free and has high fiber content. Along these lines, take a shot at this thrilling new formula and relish it with your precious ones on an event of your decision. You would cherish it without a doubt!

Elements for making Golden Potato Banana Fingers Recipe
4 potato
2 tablespoon corn flour
salt as required
1 1/2 tablespoon chaat masala

2 teaspoon ginger
refined oil as required
2 banana
2 green stew

1 pack coriander leaves
3 teaspoon red stew powder

Brilliant Potato Banana Fingers Recipe

The most effective method to make Golden Potato Banana Fingers Recipe

Stage 1
Heat up the potatoes and crude banana in a cooker. Then, switch off the fire and let the tension emerge and cool. Strip the bananas and potatoes and afterward squash them well.

Stage 2
Add bean stew powder, chaat masala, ginger, green bean stew, slashed coriander, salt and corn flour to the combination of pureed potatoes and bananas. Make a mixture from it.

Stage 3
Partition the batter into equivalent balls and make finger formed stands out of it. Heat the refined oil in a dish.

Stage 4
Broil these potato banana fingers till they become brilliant brown in variety.

Stage 5
Channel the over the top oil on paper sheets. Serve hot with your #1 sauce or green chutney.

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