Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Breakfast Sandwich Recipe . Searching for a speedy breakfast formula? Then, at that point, attempt this straightforward yet tasty sandwich formula.

To simplify this formula, you simply need a few mixed greens, chicken, cheddar cuts and finished off with flavors.

Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Breakfast Sandwich

In the event that you are partial to open sandwiches, you can attempt this my making it a broiler.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you like it basic and yummy, attempt it in our way and appreciate.

How to make Chicken Cheese Sandwich

Stage 1 Toast the bread

To make this fast sandwich, toast the bread and keep it to the side.

Then, wash, clean and cut the veggies and mixed greens.

Stage 2 Mix the sandwich stuffing

Take an enormous bowl and add veggies, chipotle dressing, destroyed chicken, flavors and spices.

Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Stage 3 Layer the sandwich

Spread some margarine on the bread toasts, add lettuce leaves and add put the stuffing place the cheddar cuts and season with salt and pepper.

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