Barbecued Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Barbecued Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Barbecued Paneer Sandwich Recipe. Paneer is an adaptable and sound cheddar. It’s the ideal fixing to use in your sandwiches, as it is super filling and totally mouth-watering. Evaluate this Grilled Paneer Sandwich with Cabbage formula that will before long become one of your top picks. Arranged utilizing paneer, cabbage, green bean stew, coriander leaves, and bread cuts in only 10 minutes, this formula is ideally suited for the rush mornings.

Aside from being an extraordinary breakfast choice, you can likewise serve this sandwich as an evening bite, or get them together in lunch boxes for youngsters, picnics, and travels. The supplements present in cabbage join together impeccably with the protein and the curds. It is easy to such an extent that even a youngster can make this in only a couple of moments, so assemble them around and show them how to set up this flavorful yet simple sandwich with our bit by bit formula. Assuming you partake in this Grilled Paneer sandwich with Cabbage, you could likewise appreciate Carrot Sandwich, Paneer Sandwich with Dill, or Spring Onion Sandwich.

Barbecued Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Elements for making Grilled Paneer Sandwich Recipe

150 gm paneer
2 green chillies
6 bread cuts
salt as required
4 tablespoon margarine
100 gm cabbage
1 modest bunch coriander leaves

Barbecued Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Grilled Paneer Sandwich Recipe

Stage 1 Grate cabbage and slash vegetables
To set up this flavorful sandwich, begin by washing the cabbage, green chilies, and coriander leaves under running water. Then, grind the half cabbage into a bowl and keep to the side. Utilizing a clean hacking load up, finely cleave the coriander leaves, and green chilies. Move them to a blender and make a glue.

Stage 2 Prepare the sandwich
Presently, slice the paneer to make thick cuts. Take two bread cuts and spread a far layer of margarine. Then, line the cuts with cabbage leaves, and a tad bit of the destroyed cabbage. Then, spread a layer of the coriander-stew glue on the two of them and put the paneer cut on one of the bread cuts. Season with salt and press the cuts together.

Stage 3 Grill sandwich, and match with cabbage and sauce
At last, brush a little margarine outwardly of the cuts and spot it in the griller. Barbecue the sandwiches till they become brown and fresh. Move it to a serving plate and rehash the interaction with the remainder of the bread cuts. Match the Grilled Paneer Sandwich with Cabbage with ketchup, or any sauce of your decision. Appreciate!

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