Barbecued Cottage Cheese Recipe

Barbecued Cottage Cheese Recipe

Barbecued Cottage Cheese Recipe. Searching for a sound yet sumptous feast, then, at that point, attempt this delectable Grilled Cottage Cheese recipe, which is a wonderful blend of flavors. This steak feast made with curds threw spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes. This new plate of mixed greens and steak supper can be presented with a heavenly sauce or plunge alongside a refreshment to enjoy a spirit satisfying encounter. Attempt this at home and offer your input with us.

Barbecued Cottage Cheese Recipe

Elements of Grilled Cottage Cheese

2 Servings
300 gm curds
1 teaspoon stew garlic glue
1 cup spinach
dark pepper as required
3 cloves garlic

2 tablespoon spread
1 small bunch cherry tomatoes
legitimate salt as required
1 teaspoon additional virgin olive oil

Barbecued Cottage Cheese Recipe

The most effective method to make Grilled Cottage Cheese

Stage 1 Heat a skillet
To simplify this recipe, heat a griller or a dish. Include 1 teaspoon olive oil alongside garlic cloves. Meanwhile wash the spinach leaves and channel the abundance water.

Stage 2 Toss the spinach
When the garlic cloves become somewhat brown, add the spinach leaves and throw in the skillet. Switch off the fire and line the spinach on the serving plate.

Stage 3 Marinate the curds
Then, cut the curds looking like steaks. Then take a bowl add, 2 tablespoon liquefied spread, alongside garlic glue, salt and pepper. Marinate and barbecue the curds.

Stage 4 Serve hot
Continue to treat the curds and when the steaks are barbecued pleasantly. Move to the plate and trimming with cherry tomatoes and appreciate!

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