Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe. Might it be said that you are a fanatic of sandwiches? Attempt this Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe, which is a flavorful method for fulfilling your snarling stomachs. Be it a potluck or kitty party, simply make it as a speedy supper and fulfill your taste buds. All you want to set up this scrumptious sandwich formula is white bread, bubbled chicken, mayonnaise, red and green chime peppers, lettuce, spread and some salt alongside chaat masala for taste.

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe is a simple formula that can be made for breakfast, lunch as well as informal breakfast. Likewise, assuming that you are susceptible to flavors, this is an absolute necessity attempt dish for you. We are certain you will adore this chicken sandwich formula! Do attempt it and let us know in the remark box your criticism on this formula.

Elements for making Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe

1/2 cup boiled,chopped chicken
salt as required
2 cuts white bread
1/4 red ringer pepper
2 teaspoon margarine
4 leaves lettuce romaine
3 teaspoon mayonnaise
1 teaspoon chaat masala
1/4 capsicum (green pepper)

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Barbecued Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Stage 1 Finely hack the chicken
To set up this simple sandwich formula, finely hack the bubbled chicken in a bowl.

Stage 2 Prepare the filling
In this bowl, add finely cleaved ringer peppers, cheat masala, salt and mayonnaise. Blend well.

Stage 3 Add the filling in bread cuts and cover them
Apply margarine on both the cuts and afterward spread the washed lettuce in it. Add filling in it and cover them together to make a sandwich.

Stage 4 Grill the sandwich and serve hot
Apply remaining margarine on the top cut on the upper part and spot in the griller for barbecuing the sandwich. Barbecue for 2-4 minutes. Once done, serve hot with your #1 plunge.

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