Banana Nut Bars Recipe

Banana Nut Bars Recipe

Banana Nut Bars Recipe. Crude Banana Nut Bars are a solid breakfast formula that can be presented with a glass of new squeeze to launch the day.

Made with a crude bananas, cashew nuts, oats, sugar, vanilla concentrate, cinnamon and coconut flour, this Continental formula can give the truly necessary energy post a thorough exercise and is very delightful.

Nut Bars

Banana Nut Bars Recipe

This sweet enjoyment likewise bends over as a nibble formula and is a number one among the children.

Since its a Vegan formula, it very well may be appreciated by the individuals who like without gluten food things.

Events like potlucks, picnics, kitty gatherings or game evenings are wonderful to savor these lip-smacking bars and will doubtlessly leave everybody hankering for additional.

Set up this simple formula at home and dazzle your family with your perfect culinary abilities!

How to make Raw Banana Nut Bars

Stage 1

To set up this morning meal formula cut the bananas and add them in an enormous bowl. Presently, add oats and cashews in a processor container and toil them coarsely.

Utilizing a spatula, pound the banana and add the ground combination, vanilla protein powder, coconut flour, water, vanilla concentrate, cinnamon and sugar to it.

Blend it well with the goal that every one of the fixings are joined. If necessary, add 2 tablespoon of water to it.

Blend it again and ensure you get a tacky combination.

Stage 2

Presently, spread a treat sheet and move the combination onto it.

Carry out the combination thickly and place this in ice chest. Allow it to set.

When it solidifies, cut out little bars and serve it right away or store it in a glass container for later utilization!

Banana Nut Bars Recipe

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