Avocado Toast With Eggs Recipe

Avocado Toast With Eggs Recipe

Avocado Toast With Eggs Recipe

To vanquish the day, you should start it on the right note with a good and sound breakfast. One such breakfast recipe that will be tremendously valued by your taste buds is Avocado Toast With Eggs.

Avocado Toast With Eggs

Avocado Toast With Eggs Recipe

Made with the yummy mix of avocado, egg, salt and pepper, this simple to-make recipe will be perfect for somebody who is attempting to shed several pounds on the scale.

Serve this solid recipe at an informal breakfast party and dazzle your visitor with your cooking abilities. To lift the kinds of your feast, match this mainland recipe with a pipping hot cup of tea or espresso and relish your eating experience. Attempt it!

Elements of Avocado Toast With Eggs

2 little avocados
2 bread cuts
2 egg
For Garnishing
4 tablespoon ground cheddar
1 teaspoon dark pepper

Instructions to make Avocado Toast With Eggs

Stage 1

In the first place, wash and clean the avocados under running water. Once finished, strip and crush them. Keep them to the side. In the mean time, brush a bread cut with margarine and toast it until it is fresh. Rehash something very similar with the other bread cut.

Stage 2

Presently, lay the toasted bread cuts on a tidy plate and top it up with pounded avocado. At the same time, put a non-stick skillet on medium fire and intensity margarine on it. Air out eggs in the container and cook until the yolk settles. This could require 5 to 8 minutes to occur.

Stage 3

Cautiously, move the cooked eggs on the toasted bread cuts. Once finished, sprinkle the toast with ground cheddar and dark pepper to hoist the flavors. Serve hot!

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