Ada Dosa Recipe

Ada Dosa Recipe

Ada Dosa Recipe. A blend of three distinct heartbeats cooperated with rice, Ada Dosa tastes a bit not the same as the ordinary dosa recipe and changes up your morning meal. Numerous homemakers have their particular approach to making this dosa and add their own components to it. The final product prompts a firm and crunchy dosa that children will partake in a great deal. It is likewise an especially sound recipe that you can undoubtedly attempt at home.

Ada Dosa Recipe

Elements of Ada Dosa

4 Servings
100 gm splashed chana dal
200 ml water
2 squeezes salt

For The Main Dish
100 gm splashed toor daal
50 gm splashed rice
100 gm splashed urad dal

Ada Dosa Recipe

The most effective method to make Ada Dosa

Stage 1
Drench every one of the fixings – chana dal, tuvar dal, urad dal and rice for around 3 to 4 hours.

Stage 2
Make a fine glue of the splashed dal-rice blend in a processor. The outcomes will be great, assuming the water in which you have doused the dal and rice is utilized for crushing the blend.

Stage 3
Add exactly 50 to 100 ml additional water while making the glue assuming you figure the player will turn out to be excessively thick.

Stage 4
Subsequent to accomplishing the ideal consistency, add salt to taste. Keep the hitter to the side to make due with around 15 minutes.

Stage 5
When you are good to go with chutneys and sambar, you can begin making the ada.

Stage 6
First intensity a non-stick level tawa. Sprinkle a few oil on it and spread the oil equally.

Stage 7
Then utilize a level lined little katori and spread the player onto the tawa equitably.

Stage 8
Begin spreading the hitter from the middle and happen till it fans out. Add a little oil to every one of the corners (for this situation, since it is a circle – you would need to add the oil across the edge!).

Stage 9
When you spot the dosa becoming brilliant yellow in variety you can remove it from the tawa and serve alongside coconut chutney or sambar – one way or the other you like.

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