57% Vaccination Under Production: Kerala High Court

57% Vaccination Under Production: Kerala High Court

India is manufacturing over 8.5 crore vaccine doses a month, the Centre told the Kerala High Court today. The average number of vaccines administered across the country in a day is around 12 to 13 lakh, added the Centre, which has come under heavy opposition criticism over the crippling vaccine shortage in the country. According to the data provided, the daily production is around 28.33 lakh, and only 57 per cent of this reaches the people.

Many states, including Delhi and Maharashtra, had to shut a Block of vaccination centres, given the shortage. Most states are also desperately trying to shop for vaccine from abroad — efforts that are yet to meet with much success..

The Kerala High Court had taken up the issue of Covid in the state suo motu and in the last hearing on May 20, questioned the Centre to provide a time frame for vaccination in the state.

Detailing its vaccination policy in an affidavit, the Centre told the Kerala High Court today that there is “no fixed target for dispensation of vaccines to the states and Union Territories”.

Giving data on vaccine production in the same affidavit, the Centre said currently, the Pune-based Serum Institute of India is producing 6.5 crore doses of Covishield a month. Covaxin manufacturer Bharat Biotech is producing 2 crore doses of a month.

The Serum Institute has ramped up its production from 5 crore doses a month to 6.5 crore doses a month. A further boost is expected by July, the Centre said.

Bharat Biotech has increased production from 90 lakh doses a month to 2 crore doses a month. A boost by July is expected there too – the firm is expected to produce 5.5 crore doses a month.

The Russian vaccine Sputnik-V, which is now available in India, is expected to increase production from 30 lakh doses to 1.2 crore doses a month by July.

On the subject of vaccine pricing, the Centre also told the court that tightly controlling the price of vaccines may cause difficulty in securing adequate and/or multiple vaccine supplies, especially from offshore manufacturers

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