Yellow Chicken Recipe

Yellow Chicken Recipe

Yellow Chicken Recipe. Yellow Chicken Recipe or Kukurar Jhol is a customary dish cooked in each family in Assamese food. This chicken curry formula fuses the sharpness of mustard oil, the generosity of potatoes alongside a mix of entire and ground flavors. This is a mouth-watering curry formula which is practically similar to a stew and can be delighted in for all intents and purposes, or you can likewise serve it with hot steamed rice to procure pats on the head from your loved ones.

You can partake in this delightful principle dish formula alongside a cut of Assamese Kaaji Nemu and you will be approached to concoct this dish once more. Attempt this simple Yellow Chicken Recipe formula at home!

Yellow Chicken Recipe

Fixings to make Yellow Chicken Recipe

2 kilograms chicken
1 ginger
6 onion
2 teaspoon stew powder
12 green cardamom
2 teaspoon ghee
4 potato
2 garlic
4 inlet leaf
10 tablespoon mustard oil
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 1/2 teaspoon salt

For Garnishing

1 twig mint

Yellow Chicken Recipe

The most effective method to make Yellow Chicken Recipe

Stage 1

The initial step is to set up the chicken. Cut the chicken in medium-sized pieces. Clean the pieces in running water and channel the overabundance water. Likewise, strip and wash the potatoes, and hack the potatoes in quarters.

Stage 2

Then, set up the glue for the curry. Grind together the onions, ginger and garlic in a food processor, until the subsequent combination is a smooth glue.

Stage 3

Presently, put a kadhai over medium fire. Add the mustard oil in the kadhai and let it heat until the sharpness of the mustard oil has been taken out (or until smoke begins coming out). To this, add the sound leaf and the green cardamoms and fry them for a couple of moments. Then, at that point, add the onion-ginger-garlic glue to the oil, and fry the blend for a couple of moments until oil begins isolating from the combination. Continue to sprinkle water in this combination at customary spans, with the goal that the glue doesn’t get singed.

Stage 4

When the glue is seared, add the turmeric powder and stew powder. Sprinkle water over this once and fry for 2 minutes.

Stage 5

Presently, add the chicken pieces and the potatoes to the kadhai. Mix and afterward add the necessary measure of salt. Continue to mix it sometimes, until the chicken is practically dry. Then add warm water to the chicken, as indicated by how much curry required. Heat it to the point of boiling, and afterward cover it with a top. Allow it to stew.

Stage 6

Whenever the potato and the chicken are delicate and delicate, eliminate it from fire. Prior to serving, add the ghee in the curry and mix it in for better taste. Decorate with a twig of mint leaves.

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