Which TikTok beauty hacks to try at home?

Which TikTok beauty hacks to try at home?

Which TikTok beauty hacks to try at home?

TikTok beauty hacks

It’s no mystery that TikTok is full of beneficial splendor and wellbeing hacks, like the usage of greenback bills or £10 notes cash to create the correct winged eyeliner or wrapping your hair around a radiator to cheat your way to salon curls. But not the whole thing you spot on TikTok is consumer-friendly. In fact, closing year, an Australian fact TV star become left scarred and briefly blind in one eye after an at-home acupuncture strive she observed on TikTok went incorrect. And it’s taking place an increasing number of.


“The hyper-virility constructed into TikTok’s platform has given upward push to warp-velocity trend cycles of skin care, splendor, and well-being fads—with specific tendencies greater doubtful than others,” says Carrera Kurnik, director of tradition at New York-primarily based trend forecasting organisation Fashion Snoops. “Beauty and skin care content on TikTok often combines viral assignment codecs with a DIY attitude, resulting in the informal adoption and trial of novel and every so often risky health practices.”

While there is an attraction to the platform’s traits, it’s miles this informal use of them, with out knowing the technology at the back of them, that has ended with humans in hot water—or worse.

So, how do you know which viral beauty hacks to try to which to avoid? Vogue speaks to the specialists to separate fad from truth. And recall, don’t try everything you see at the internet.

Slugging is one of TikTok’s biggest beauty hacks: you cowl your face with a thick moisturiser or Vaseline and leave it in a single day as a way of hydrating the skin. “The trend originated in South Korea, wherein dewy and plump skin is today’s,” explains Mallory Huron, beauty and wellbeing strategist at Fashion Snoops. Eventually, it made its manner to TikTok, in which it has exploded in reputation.

According to dermatologist Dr Muneeb Shah, slugging may be an superb way to lock in moisture and restore a damaged skin barrier. “Cleanse, apply your favourite moisturiser, and then comply with with your chosen ointment,” he says. “I don’t suggest slugging on pinnacle of harsh sports which includes retinol or exfoliating acid due to the fact it can beautify their results. Only apply occlusive moisturisers over mild substances.”

However, Dr Shah cautions in opposition to overuse. “Slugging is specifically beneficial as an occasional overnight treatment to address seasonal or situational dryness and flaking. Used frequently, it’s a one-manner price tag to breakout town.” In fact, those with pimples-prone skin, specially, must keep away from slugging in any respect expenses, because Vaseline forms a barrier that can cause breakouts.

Sunscreen contouring
Sunscreen contouring is whilst you use sunscreen on certain areas of your face as a manner of preserving skin lighter, whilst everywhere else is left unprotected to tan, to attain a contoured tanning effect and definition. This TikTok trend Huron describes as “a huge skin care ‘no’.” “It’s an incredibly risky, growing old, unfavourable approach,” she says. “Not handiest does exposing unprotected skin to the solar result in premature growing older and burns, it can also lead to skin cancer. No, thank you!”

But Dr Shah has a extra nuanced take. “I’ve visible a few human beings use a base of SPF30 with a contouring layer of SPF50 and while I don’t propose this, it’s not the worst issue I’ve visible on TikTok,” he says. “I advocate at the least shielding your pores and skin with SPF30+ and reapplying each hours.”

Sandpaper shaving
Shaving your legs with sandpaper has, astonishingly, emerge as a fashion thanks to TikTok. However, as Dr Shah warns, do no longer do that at home. “Using sandpaper can clearly dispose of hair, however it is horrible as it gets rid of skin as nicely. This can lead to hyperpigmentation and scarring— in particular since the legs are slow to heal after damage.”

Huron is of the same opinion: “Not only is sandpaper an ineffectual hair elimination technique (each shaving and waxing are secure for pores and skin and gently exfoliate on the same time), this is one of those TikTok traits wherein even attempting it out could be destructive.”

Drinking chlorophyll
Drinking chlorophyll has turn out to be a move-to well-being trend on TikTok with dozens of movies on its ‘advantages’. In addition to progressed pores and skin and decreased zits, TikTokers declare that chlorophyll boosts power, reduces bad breath and might even improve frame odour. Chlorophyll is a pigment located in flowers, which performs an essential function in photosynthesis. “The idea is that everything that’s packed in chlorophyll to maintain flowers, which include vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, is also proper for human health and well being,” says Huron.

Dr Shah isn’t satisfied: “It does have extraordinary anti-inflammatory and antioxidant residences, however it’s far actually being overhyped on social media right now.”

According to Dr Shah, there have been a few studies displaying that chlorophyllin (a spinoff of chlorophyll) may be helpful for treating pimples whilst applied topically. “However, liquid chlorophyll has not been proven to have that gain,” Dr Shah says. “It’s enormously safe, but there’s a small threat of a phototoxic rash called ‘pseudoporphyria’ growing after eating liquid chlorophyll.” Instead, Dr Shah recommends a easier and greater exciting hack: ingesting greater green vegetables together with spinach, cabbage and broccoli, all evidently excessive in chlorophyll and with none nasty aspect results.

Microneedling is a splendor remedy the use of a dermaroller to prick the pores and skin with tiny needles as a way of generating collagen manufacturing for its smoothing, firming and firming outcomes.

It may be enormously effective whilst finished by a medical professional, but some TikTokers are taking it into their very own palms—with adverse consequences. “With microneedling, you are poking little holes into the skin that permit bacteria and allergens to go into,” says Dr Shah. “If the pores and skin or tool is not smooth, this will lead to infection.” In other phrases, do not try this at home.

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