Wheat Pudding Recipe

Wheat Pudding Recipe

Wheat Pudding Recipe . Broken Wheat Pudding is a sound sweet dish that I have uncommonly made for my mom.

To amaze her, I needed to make something sound yet delectable and afterward found out about making a pudding utilizing dalia.

Wheat Pudding

Wheat Pudding Recipe

This is a simple to-create dish which can be had in breakfast too. It is nutritious to such an extent that children are likewise taken care of this yummy dish.

How to make Broken Wheat (Daliya) Pudding

Stage 1 Cook broken wheat or dalia in a tension cooker

Take a tension cooker and put it over medium fire.

Add broken wheat to it alongside enough water.

Close the top and cook for 2 whistles on medium fire.

Then, at that point, let one more whistle come on low fire.

After that switch it off and allow it to cool.

Assuming the grains are greater in size, you can take three whistles in medium fire and afterward one whistle in low fire.

Stage 2 Cook dalia with milk

When it cools, open the cover and add milk in the strain cooker.

Mix well and cook over medium fire.

Continue to mix with the milk.

Ensure it doesn’t stick on the base.

Continue to scratch the milk cream from the sides.

Stage 3 Cook this combination for 5-7 blend until milk thickens

As you mix the milk, it will proceed to thicken and consumed by the messed up wheat.

Continue to do this till the milk is for the most part retained and is sensibly thickened.

Could take 5-7 mins.

Stage 4 Add sugar and cook for another 3-5 minutes

Whenever it is thickened, add sugar and dry products of the soil for another 3-5 mins.

Wheat Pudding Recipe

Stage 5 Serve with natural products

When it is prepared, serve it with new natural products as garnishes.

(Note: If you have Hershey’s strawberry/chocolate, you can spread that also to get various flavors.

In the event that you have ghee (Indian ghee), can add one spoon of that too in the serving.)

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