Vrat Wale Uttapam Recipe

Vrat Wale Uttapam Recipe

Vrat Wale Uttapam Recipe

Uttapam is a famous South Indian recipe that you can without much of a stretch get ready at home. Typically ready with semolina or sooji, this uttapam recipe has a wind and is ready for the people who are fasting.

Vrat Wale Uttapam

Vrat Wale Uttapam Recipe

This delightful uttapam recipe is totally mouth-watering and is arranged utilizing swang/samak ke chawal ka atta (farm millet), tomato, green bean stew, sendha namak, cumin powder and coriander leaves. This is a totally delectable Navratri recipe that can be delighted in with aloo ki sabji.

A straightforward recipe doesn’t demand a lot of investment and can be cooked under 20 minutes. This uttapam recipe has a boring taste, whose flavors are additionally upgraded with the green bean stew and cumin powder. To make this vegan recipe will offer you a reprieve from the other vrat recipes.

Along these lines, don’t stand by a lot and attempt this simple recipe at home, and appreciate with your friends and family. Vrat Wale Uttapam

Elements of Vrat Wale Uttapam

1 1/2 cup powdered farm millet
2 cup cleaved tomato
2 teaspoon cleaved green stew
2 teaspoon cleaved coriander leaves
1 teaspoon cumin powder
sendha namak as required
water as required
4 tablespoon ghee

Instructions to make Vrat Wale Uttapam

Stage 1

To set up this tasty uttapam recipe, take a bowl and add powdered farm millet in it alongside cumin powder and sendha namak. Filter well and add water in it to set up the uttapam hitter. Ensure that the hitter has slight thick consistency and no knots are remaining.

Stage 2

Presently, put a non-leave dish over medium fire and oil it with just the right amount of ghee. At the point when the ghee is liquefied, pour a modest quantity of player utilizing the spoon and spread it utilizing round movements. Sprinkle hacked tomatoes, green chillies and coriander leaves over the arranged uttapam. Bring down the fire and let the uttapam cook.

Stage 3

Then, at that point, add a little ghee to the sides and over the uttapam. You can likewise cover the skillet with a glass top to cook the uttapam from inside. Following a couple of moments, flip it and cook until the tomatoes become brown. This will require 2-3 minutes to cook from both the sides.

Stage 4

Once the uttapam is cooked, serve hot with coconut or tomato chutney as you like.

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