Vegetable Pasta Augratin Recipe

Vegetable Pasta Augratin Recipe

Vegetable Pasta Augratin Recipe. Vegetable Pasta Augratin is a delectable formula that one can undoubtedly make at home. Vegetable Pasta Augratin pasta is arranged utilizing different vegetables, conchiglie pasta, bubbled potato and white sauce. A basic formula can be made by anybody in 30 minutes’ time span.

Vegetable Pasta Augratin

200 gm bubbled pasta conchiglie
1 red chime pepper
1 capsicum (green pepper)
1 cup child corn
4 tablespoon spread
2 cup milk
1 teaspoon dark pepper
7 medium potato
1 yellow chime pepper
2 cup onion
1 small bunch onion rings
2 tablespoon generally useful flour
2 teaspoon salt
4 cheddar 3D squares.

Vegetable Pasta Augratin Recipe

Stage 1 Chop every one of the veggies
To set up this pasta formula, first, wash every one of the veggies. Then, cut the chime peppers down the middle. Finely cleave a large portion of the ringer peppers independently and cut rings of the other half. Then, at that point, slash the onion and keep to the side. At last, slash the child corn also.

Stage 2 Make white sauce
For the white sauce, blend 2 tbsp margarine with 1 tsp salt, pepper, milk and maida in a bowl and keep to the side. Make a glue of this multitude of fixings.

Stage 3 Sauté every one of the veggies
Presently, put a dish over medium fire and sauté onion in margarine briefly. Add chime peppers in it and sauté for one more moment. Then, add child corns in the dish and sauté briefly.

Stage 4 Mix white sauce with veggies
Presently, add the white sauce in the veggies. Continue to mix, so that no protuberances are shaped. Heat it to the point of boiling and add bubbled pasta to it. Blend well and add 2 blocks ground cheddar in the combination. Mix well and switch off the gas.

Stage 5 Place pasta over pureed potatoes
In a lubed stove resistant glass vessel, make a bed of enhanced (with salt and pepper) pureed potatoes and pour the pasta over it.

Stage 6 Bake the pasta with pureed potatoes for 15 minutes
Presently, place the onion and ringer pepper rings. Cover it with ground cheddar, and heat it in a preheated stove at 200°C-220°C for 15 minutes

Stage 7 Serve hot
When the cheddar begins carmelizing take the vessel out cautiously. Serve hot.

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