Vegetable Pancakes Recipe

Vegetable Pancakes Recipe

Vegetable Pancakes Recipe. Lauki Pancakes is a Sattvik formula which will unquestionably change your threatening perspectives about bottle gourd (lauki). Regardless, in the event that your kids are against green vegetables, unquestionably check these sound flapjacks out.

We bet, they will cherish it and they would never deny it from now on. You ought to sustain your youngsters with this healthy lauki as it helps in restoring stopping up, assimilation, heaps and is even light for stomach.

Vegetable Pancakes Recipe

Flapjacks are generally adored by individuals of any age and this hotcake formula merits enjoying.

It is a simple to-create formula which can be made with effectively accessible fixings.

Make this vegan formula today and start your day with a nutritious breakfast, attempt it!

How to make Lauki Pancakes

Stage 1

In the first place, make a player by consolidating ground bottle gourd, green chilies, semolina, salt, garam masala, red stew powder, carom seeds, coriander leaves, gram flour and little measure of water in a profound bowl.

Blend them well and make it into a uniformly smooth player.

The player should nor be too thick nor excessively slender, in the event that you think that it is thick, add more water to make it even.

Stage 2

Presently, heat a little oil on a non-stick container and spread a spoonful of player on the dish.

Cook it over a high fire until it is brilliant brown from the side confronting container.

Sprinkle some oil at the edges and on top of the hotcakes.

Stage 3

Whenever done, delicately flip the flapjack and correspondingly, cook from the opposite side too until brilliant brown. C

ook whatever number flapjacks as could be allowed from the leftover hitter.

Vegetable Pancakes Recipe

Stage 4

Whenever the flapjacks are cooked, move them to a serving plate and serve it with any chutney of your decision. Serve them hot.

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