Veg Sandwich Recipe

Veg Sandwich Recipe

Veg Sandwich Recipe. Veg Sandwich with Yogurt Spread is a tasty sandwich formula that isn’t simply filling for the stomach yet additionally satisfies the foodie in you.

Ready with child spinach leaves, hung curd, bread cuts, tomato, onion, cucumber and cheddar cuts, this nibble formula is wonderful to beat your unexpected food cravings.

Veg Sandwich

Veg Sandwich Recipe

You can serve this Continental formula with ketchup and a drink of your decision to make it into a healthy feast.

Events like kitty parties, picnics, game evenings and excursions are well-suited to savor this vegan formula and will leave everybody surprised with its lip-smacking taste.

The best thing about this scrumptious treat is that it bends over as a morning meal formula also.

Along these lines, make a plunge and attempt this simple formula with your friends and family.

How to make Veg Sandwich with Yogurt Spread

Stage 1 Dice veggies and set up the yogurt

To make this sandwich formula, wash tomatoes, spinach leaves, and cucumber.

On a hacking board, strip and cut the cucumber alongside onions and tomatoes into a round shape. Move them into isolated plates.

Then, take an enormous bowl and add the balanced curd to it.

Beat it well with a spatula and add mayonnaise, oregano, salt, dark pepper powder in it.

Blend these well and ensure it is smooth.

Stage 2 Toast bread cuts

Presently, place a non-stick dish over medium fire and liquefy margarine in it.

At the point when the margarine has dissolved, put the bread cuts on it.

Toast the bread on the two sides until brilliant brown in shading. Rehash this with every one of the cuts of bread.

Stage 3 Spread the blend on the cuts

On a level surface, spread the toasted bread cuts.

Presently, take a spoonful of the yogurt-mayo plunge and slather it on each cut. Spread it equally across each cut. Put spinach leaves on 3 cuts and afterward top it up with tomato cuts.

Then, add a layer of onion cuts and cheddar cuts.

At long last, top it up with cucumber cuts. Cover these three cuts with the leftover three cuts and cut them from the middle.

Veg Sandwich Recipe

Stage 4 Serve!

Embed a toothpick in each of the sandwiches to hold the filling set up. Put these on a platter and serve it with ketchup to appreciate!

Do attempt this formula and remember to like, rate and leave your significant remarks.

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