Triangle Aloo Fry Recipe

Triangle Aloo Fry Recipe

Triangle Aloo Fry Recipe. A firm side dish made with potatoes and a straightforward treating, Kurkure Aloo Fry is very simple to-make.

This potato recipe can be delighted in with hot chapati or paratha.

Aloo Fry

Triangle Aloo Fry Recipe

You can likewise pack this simple recipe for youngsters’ tiffin.

How to make Kurkure Aloo Fry

Stage 1

To make this simple recipe, add oil in a weighty lined container, let the skillet heat appropriately.

Stage 2

Add 2-3 cumin seeds in the hot oil to really take a look at the temperature.

When the oil is warmed appropriately, diminish the fire to medium and add cumin seeds and let them temper for a couple of moments.

Stage 3

Then, at that point, add hacked potato and broil it for 2 minutes on medium-high fire.

Stage 4

Presently add green bean stew and turmeric powder and blend them well with the potatoes.

Broil the elements for an additional 2 minutes, keep the fire on medium-high.

Stage 5

At last add salt and blend the potatoes, broil till they turn crispier.

Increment the fire to high and broil it for one more moment, continue to in the middle between.

Stage 6

Switch off the fire, set the broiled potatoes to the sides of the dish and pass on it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Triangle Aloo Fry Recipe

Stage 7

Take it out on the kitchen towel to separate additional oil from it. Kurkure aloo fry is prepared to serve, appreciate it with poori or paratha as you like.

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