Traditional Puttu Recipe

Traditional Puttu Recipe

Traditional Puttu Recipe. Ragi Aval Puttu is a customary breakfast formula of southern India.

Puttu is a basic rice flour arrangement with ground coconut and is steamed in an extraordinary puttu producer.

Traditional Ragi Aval Puttu

Traditional Puttu Recipe

This Ragi Aval Puttu is not quite the same as the first puttu dish as it is added with the integrity of ragi.

The expansion of ragi doesn’t simply upgrade the flavor of the dish yet in addition gives a few medical advantages.

The without gluten grain gives amino acids, vitamin D, great sugars and furthermore helps in weight reduction.

Ragi Aval Puttu is ready by cooking ragi, coconut, cashews which are blended in with cardamom and palm jaggery, and afterward finished off with ghee.

Serve this dish at your kitty party, potluck or any celebration or celebratory occasion and add five stars to your festivals.

Making this superb nibble from the place where there is Kerala is simple and bother free and prepares in only 10 minutes.

This straightforward and solid dish will be cherished by kids as well as grown-ups of the family.

Customarily matched with Kerala curry and Kerala egg broil, you can combine Ragi Aval Puttu with any curry you like or even have it without anyone else to relish its full taste.

So follow this bit by bit formula to get ready Ragi Aval Puttu and relish the sweet flavors with loved ones.

How to make Ragi Aval Puttu

Stage 1 Steam ragi aval

To set up this tempting dish, first, take finger millet pieces or ragi aval (​finger millet drops) in a bowl and wash it completely.

Steam the ragi for 10 minutes and afterward eliminate from fire. Save to the side for additional utilization.

Stage 2 Roast cashews and coconut

Presently, in a skillet heat ghee over medium fire.

When the ghee is enough warmed, include it broken cashews.

Broil the cashews till they become brilliant brown.

Then add the ground coconut. Cook briefly and afterward eliminate from fire.

Traditional Puttu Recipe

Stage 3 Mix together and serve

Then, in a bowl add the ghee with cooked coconut-cashews combination, steamed ragi aval, ground palm jaggery and green cardamom.

Blend every one of the fixings to consolidate together. Your Ragi Aval is fit to be served.

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