The reason why men marry some women and not others

The reason why men marry some women and not others

The reason why men marry some women and not others,

01/7Men refrain from marrying those types of women

Just like women avoid positive styles of them, guys too run far from some form of girls. It sounds condescending however there are sure acts, gestures, behaviour which repels maximum men and they are attempting to keep away from you in any respect expenses. For a higher know-how, scroll all the way down to know the form of girls guys do now not want to spend their lives with.

The reason why men marry some women and not others

02/7Mind gamer

Initially all boys love chasing. They come up with extra significance when you don’t give them interest. But after a while it will become a ache for them. If this turns him into an insecure man then the female is sincerely out of his lifestyles.

03/7The converting types

Oh they hate turning into a venture for someone because irrespective of how tons mothering men want, in the long run, they do no longer need a girl who is on a challenge to alternate them. If the female loves him then why trade? From cloth cabinet adjustments to music possibilities to even how he likes to set up the cushions on his mattress, NO!


Men have an ego and taking orders is simply no longer there in their programming. Sometimes it’s far best while it boils down to his grammar and how he walks etc, the cuteness goes out of the window.


A little bit of jealousy as soon as in a blue moon is exceptional but being on the edge constantly, soliciting for his password and so forth is not some thing not to mention a man, even a woman might be given. Such a companion is on nobody’s listing.

06/7Her existence revolves around him

If a lady behaves as if she will die with out him and she has no life of her own, is top notch clingy, this can suffocate a person. Well even a female wants her area so it is not simply with guys. It is important that the companion has her own to-do list, own set of pals. Besides, whilst you are at someone’s beck and contact, humans become bored in you because you’re too to be had.

07/7Mommy and Daddy

Reporting the whole thing to her mother and father is traumatic for any man. Nobody likes a partner who has not but come out of her egg shell. Initially he sees her as someone who cares plenty for the own family but after some time taking permission to do anything with him, everytime, can get on his nerves.

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