Teacher Of Reputed CBSE School In Tamil Nadu Indict Of Sexual Harassment

Teacher Of Reputed CBSE School In Tamil Nadu Indict Of Sexual Harassment

Reports says that sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour in online classes surfaced in social media against a teacher of a reputed CBSE school, prompting authorities to swing into action on Monday. Police, education department and child protection unit officials were among those who have initiated action and police officials visited the school premises and have also questioned the teacher, a jurisdictional police officer said.

The school has reportedly placed him under suspension. The allegations from numerous posts indicated that the accountancy teacher had been targeting girls in classes 11 and 12 for quite some time and even ahead of the start of the first wave of the coronavirus last year and that the management, despite, complaints did not take action.

Use of words that amounted to verbal sexual harassment of girls in physical classes, touching them inappropriately and later claiming that it was ‘by accident’ formed part of the accusations.

Sending lewd messages through phone, inviting students to ‘cinema’ or to make late night video calls and appearing with just a towel around the waist in online classes were also alleged.

‘Projects’ of girls who did not toe his line were targeted, the allegations said. The school alumni have demanded appropriate action in the matter and the management assured the parents and students of “necessary steps to address the situation in a free, fair and transparent manner.”

The management claimed that the allegations have not been brought to its notice in the past. A parent, requesting anonymity, told PTI that the allegations were ‘known in school circles’ before and the management had always harped on its ‘reputation’ whenever any complaint was made.

“They can never deny that they had always tried to bury all complaints, be it harassment or otherwise. More than ensuring the well-being of children, they always say that the school reputation will take a beating if allegations became public.”

The child protection officer, who visited the spot, said the management was not forthcoming in even speaking on the matter, leave alone checking the veracity of the allegations.

A report was being sent to the government and appropriate action would follow to protect the interests of children, she said.

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