Sweet Dhoor Poha Recipe

Sweet Dhoor Poha Recipe

Sweet Dhoor Poha Recipe. Sweet Milk Poha is a special and a sweet contort to the customary poha plans. This morning meal formula is very tasty and fulfills those early morning sugar desires.

Produced using puffed rice cooked in milk alongside jaggery syrup, this simple formula doesn’t require a lot of exertion from your end and is very filling for the stomach.

Sweet Poha

Sweet Dhoor Poha Recipe

This Gujarati formula can be savored by individuals of all age gatherings and can be relished on events like kitty gatherings or potlucks.

Since it is a vegan formula, it can assist you with prevailing upon the veggie lovers in your loved ones.

This morning meal formula likewise bends over as a speedy evening nibble and satisfies the foodie soul.
Feel free to attempt this basic formula with your loved ones in your next party!

How to make Sweet Milk Poha

Stage 1

Wash the poha under chilly water to eliminate any pollutants. Strain the water totally and keep it to the side. The poha would get mellowed under chilly water.

Then, take a little bowl and add the hacked banana, jaggery syrup alongside ground coconut to it and blend it well.

Ensure the bananas are very much covered with the syrup.

Stage 2

Presently, move the banana blend in to the poha bowl and blend it well. In the interim, place a dish over medium fire and add milk in it.

Allow it to get warm and afterward take it off the fire.

Add this warm milk to the poha-banana blend and whisk it well. Once done, serve it in a bowl and appreciate!

Sweet Dhoor Poha Recipe

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