Super Bread Toast Recipe

Super Bread Toast Recipe

Super Bread Toast Recipe. As the name proposes, Super Yum Toast formula is totally mouth-watering and is very filling also.

Made with onions, tomatoes, carrots, capsicums, green chilies covered uniformly with semolina and curd, this nibble formula isn’t simply filling for the stomach yet additionally satisfies your spirit.


Super Bread Toast Recipe

Serve it with a plunge of your decision on events like kitty parties, potlucks, picnics or game evenings and watch your visitors like the kinds of this Fusion formula.

This crunchy toast is an adjusted sandwich formula and can be enjoyed in breakfast also.

The flavor of bread covered with crunchy vegetables and singed flawlessly entices your taste buds and causes you to desire for additional.

Along these lines, set up this simple formula this end of the week and enjoy it lip-smacking taste!

How to make Super Yum Toast

Stage 1

To start with, cleave the tomato, onion, capsicum, green stew and green coriander, carrot finely.

Presently, move every one of these in a bowl and add curd, semolina and salt according as you would prefer.

Blend it well and ensure that all vegetables are equitably covered with curd since it is the limiting specialist.

Stage 2

Place a skillet over medium fire and hotness refined oil in it.

In the mean time, apply the pre-arranged vegetable combination on one side of the bread cuts and keep these aside. Presently, fry the cuts, individually, in the oil. Ensure you fry the side with the combination first. Allow it to cook for 3-4 minutes and afterward flip it to the opposite side.

Stage 3

The opposite side should be cooked till its brown and fresh. Once done, take the cut off the fire.

Proceed with something very similar with different cuts of the bread.

When every one of the cuts are prepared, serve it hot with a plunge of your decision!

Super Bread Toast Recipe

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