Strawberry Tea Cake Recipe

Strawberry Tea Cake Recipe

Strawberry Tea Cake Recipe. Strawberry Tea Cake is a tasty pastry recipe that you can make for your friends and family whenever. Ready with new strawberries, regular flour, milk, egg, margarine, and powdered sugar, this American recipe will be cherished by all. It is a mouth-watering dish which can be made on events like date and commemoration. Strawberry is a characteristic love potion and can be an astonishing pastry to treat your accomplice. Attempt it!

Strawberry Tea Cake Recipe

Elements of Strawberry Tea Cake

6 Servings
250 gm regular baking flour
1/2 teaspoon baking pop
100 gm margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla concentrate
15 ml lime juice
1 teaspoon baking powder

125 gm powdered sugar
2 egg
250 ml milk
10 pieces strawberry

Strawberry Tea Cake Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Strawberry Tea Cake

Stage 1 Preheat the broiler and set up a portion dish
Preheat the broiler at 180 degrees Celsius and set up a portion dish (8.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 Inch) by lubing it with margarine and cleaning with regular flour.

Stage 2 Mix lime juice with milk
Add lime juice in milk and mix well. Put away for 10-15 minutes.

Stage 3 Chop the strawberries and throw them in sugar
Then cut strawberries into half and throw them in 1 tablespoon sugar. Cover and put away for 5-10 minutes.

Stage 4 Combine flour, baking powder and baking pop
Strainer and blend regular flour, baking powder and baking soft drink together two times and put away.

Stage 5 Mix sugar, margarine, vanilla and eggs
Whisk sugar, margarine and vanilla concentrate together. Add each egg in turn and race until blend is pale and cushy for around 2-3 minutes. Try not to over blend.

Stage 6 Combine milk, flour and egg combination into a smooth hitter
Yet again mix the milk blend and add regular baking flour and milk on the other hand in 3:2 proportion into the egg combination and mix with a spatula until everything is well blended. The hitter ought to be smooth and irregularity free.

Stage 7 Pour the player in the lubed portion dish
Empty the cake hitter into the recently pre-arranged portion skillet. Smoothen the surface with a spatula.

Stage 8 Top the player with glossed over strawberries
Presently take the glossed over divided strawberries and organize them on top of cake player. You can likewise add a couple of cleaved strawberries in the player in the event that you wish. Dispose of the sweet water.

Stage 9 Bake in the stove for 60-70 minutes
Pop the dish at the center rack of the preheated stove and prepare at 180 degrees Celsius for 60-70 minutes or until the top has risen and the shade of the cake has changed to brown.

Stage 10 Check assuming that the cake has heated appropriately
Take a stick and supplement in the center. On the off chance that it tells the truth and dry, your cake is finished. In any case, prepare for another 5-10 minutes.

Stage 11 Let the cake cool prior to unmoulding and serving
Eliminate the dish from the broiler and keep on a wire rack to chill off somewhat. Then, at that point, unmould and let the cake cool on room temperature. Appreciate!

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